Biomedical Engineering Personal Statement Sample

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All organisms are made of building blocks, and I want to make them even better. My fascination with the human body and how to emulate its workings has lead me to pursue many experiences in robotics, prosthetics, and pathology. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the world leader in devising new methods to better the human condition, and that is why MIT is my first choice for a biomedical engineering graduate program.

Any undergraduate student will tell you that an engineering degree is not an easy feat to accomplish. It has been difficult, but I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it – from winning a robotics competition for my centimeter rover robot to calculating the tension in a rubber gasket of a prosthetic arm. Engineering has integrated itself into every bit of my life, and I will carry on that passion into graduate school. For the past three years I have been working in the lab of Dr. Eric George at the Georgia Institute of Technology, developing biodegradable nano “bugs” that can administer gene therapy and then dissolve. We imitated the use of hyalon sheaths by many phages, a technology that we obtained from Dr. Steven Straff at MIT. In graduate school, I hope to continue studying the field of nanotechnology and developing more cell-friendly nanotreatments.

MIT has pioneered the field of biomedical engineering, with thousands of original patents and an ever-growing plethora of incubates. Nanotechonology was virtually “born” at an MIT lab, and I hope to be able to continue the legacy. I plan on developing a hyalon based skin for not only nano “bugs”, but for other applications as well – such as skin grafts. Building is my passion, and I want to build off my education and experience to be able to construct a more healthy life for everyone.

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