Biomedical Science Personal Statement Sample

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Biology is more than just knowledge – it is a weapon to be used against the myriad of diseases we are faced with each day. Through my experiences working in laboratories dedicated to fighting various pathogens, I have been inundated with a sense of responsibility towards the world I live in. Johns Hopkins University’s Biomedical Sciences program is among the topmost in the world for people sharing my same passion, which is why it is my first choice for my graduate studies.

Delving into the world of biomedical sciences requires a great amount of dedication. For the past six years, I have worked in the Pathology lab of Dr. Susan Edenberg at New York University. Dr. Edenberg and I have worked in conjunction with researchers from Johns Hopkins, such as Dr. Purhab Patel, on many projects including the elucidation of downstream activators of caspase-19. Throughout my research, I have focused on the body’s response to sepsis. In 2012, Dr. Edenberg and I developed a drug for suppressing HMGB1 induced inflammation for patients with moderate sepsis; the drug is now in phase 2 clinical trials. I plan to continue my research on severe inflammation in graduate school, because my research has shown me that sepsis may be linked to a severe autoimmune defect which causes overexpression of TLR 4 receptors. I would like to further elucidate the genetic variants for this disease.

Johns Hopkins University has an entire department dedicated to studying immunological disorders, which is a resource not found in many other universities. Combined with its strong research focus and NIH-backed funding, I feel there is no better place for me to pursue my graduate degree. I hope that through the skills and connections that I make at Johns Hopkins, one day sepsis will no longer be the painful and lethal disease that it is now.

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