Biostatistics Personal Statement Sample

biostatistics personal statement sampleTake a look at a biostatistics personal statement example written by our experts and be site that your biomedical personal statement will sound even better!

My favorite college professor used to say that “All data is useless unless you get something from it”. It wasn’t until I embarked on a few research topics of my own that I realized how true that statement was. Mistakes in grouping and sample selection can void an entire experiment, and in the highly competitive world of science it is essential to maintain accuracy. Phoenix University has redefined the field of Biostatistics through its development of the Bettman-Zykes statistical test, and it is this spirit of innovation that really draws me to Phoenix for my graduate studies.

Experimental evidence for a hypothesis all relies on quantitative data that can be analyzed. In my sophomore year, I analyzed over 300 samples using flow cytometry and thought I had seen an overall increase in the mean channel fluorescence. However, my lab mentor then grouped my intensities by tissue ID, and suddenly my results were not positive anymore. Ever since that day, I have devoted myself to accurate statistical analyses. I am part of the Biology department’s Committee on Statistical Significance at my university, and my job is to review the analyses performed during various experiments and assess the statistical accuracy of the tests chosen.

I love my job.

I want my graduate career to help me ensure the integrity of scientific research. Phoenix University’s Biostatistics program ranks in the top nationwide and I know that the statisticians there have a deep understanding of not only science, but how statistics play a vital role in scientific discoveries. I would like to develop ever more accurate and customizable statistical tests for an ever-more-specific scientific industry. In addition, I would like to assess the validity of error ranges for current tests. After all, if the results are not accurate, then there might as well have been no results at all.

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