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Biomedical Science University Ranking in School Selection

When applicants choose a biomedical science program to apply to, there are many factors a selection may be based on. Some of the reasons for selecting a particular school include:

  • Tuition costs. The cost of a college/university education is not cheap even at modestly priced schools. Tuition, books and living expenses can quickly grow and for those unable to obtain the financial assistance of some sort, their selection focuses on costs.
  • Location. Perhaps family, work or some other reason requires that an applicant be in a certain area.
  • Availability of financial aid. Much as with tuition, some students have no choice but to go where they can get financial help.
  • Tradition. Your parents graduated from there, your grandparents and so forth. A certain number of applicants choose schools in this way
  • Program. There may be a particular program that has precisely what you want.

For biomedical science applicants, as with many programs, one of the biggest factors in school selection is the biomedical science university ranking.

Why Many Consider Attending Top Biomedical Science Universities the First Priority

The biomedical science university ranking is very often the first criteria that applicants look at when applying to a program or biomedical science courses. Why is the ranking of a program so important to some applicants? There are several reasons that the ranking of a schools biomedical science program might be considered important including:

  • Quality of education. The higher a programs ranking, in theory, the better the level of education that is provided.
  • Prestige factor. In some fields, attending the top-ranked schools comes with a certain amount of prestige and credibility. Graduates of law schools, MBA programs and science programs such as biomedical science are granted a certain amount of additional respect if coming from a top school.
  • Job placement. Graduates from top programs usually have a much easier time securing a position somewhere. Harvard law graduates get hired. Southeast Oklahoma University law graduates struggle. The same applies in biomedical sciences.
  • Networking. Top-ranked schools very often have outstanding alumni groups and participation that are in place and helping new graduates find positions.

These factors aren’t important to every applicant. However, to many applicants, they are the most important consideration when selecting a program for writing a biomedical science personal statement.

Top Universities for Biomedical Science

There is more than one list providing top biomedical science universities. However, this year the number one ranked school is the same on lists examined. The top five schools are top five on lists examined as well although there is some variation in placement of two through five. The ten top universities for biomedical science worldwide are as follows:

  1. Harvard University United States
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) United States
  3. University of Oxford United Kingdom
  4. University of Cambridge United Kingdom
  5. Stanford University United States
  6. University of California, Berkeley United States
  7. California Institute of Technology United States
  8. Princeton University United States
  9. Yale University United States
  10. Imperial College London United Kingdom

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