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Generally Asked Questions

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How do I get accepted into a biomedical science program?

A successful application into the field of biomedical science will include a review of the students’ grades, research experience, applicable test scores, personal statement and biomedical science essay documentation. The review of these elements is normally conducted by an appointed committee. This can vary slightly from university to university.

What is the typical application fee and deadline?

The fee varies from university to university as does the deadline for submission. You should review your chosen universities website or admissions requirements in order to determine this information.

What kind of career will I be suited for by obtaining a biomedical science degree?

Successful graduates of a biomedical science degree program will be suited for careers in the medical field. This can encompasses careers in medicine, nursing, research, pharmaceuticals and teaching.

What is a MSc Biomedical Science Degree?

A MSc biomedical science degree is suitable for recent qualified graduates who are interested in learning more about biomedical science and undertake this as a career path. Usually an honors degree or equivalent work experience is a requirement but your chosen university may have other requirements not listed here.

Will a Ph.D. biomedical engineering degree prepare me for a solid career path?

Absolutely. Students who graduate with a Ph.D. in biomedical science go on to obtain excellent careers in the biomedical field. This is a highly sought after designation and with the continuing growing demand for highly educated and skilled biomedical engineers, your career choices will be plentiful.

Is a biomedical science major the right choice for me?

Only you can truly answer this question. If you have a passion for learning and are interested in the biomedical science field, you may be answering yes. People who successfully obtain a background in biomedical science go on to thriving and profitable careers in this field.

Are there better biomedical engineering universities than others?

There are plenty of online rating systems used to rank universities in all capacities. The best way to answer this question is to the research on the schools you would prefer to attend for PhD biomedical engineering, for instance. No one single rating system will help you determine which the best school for you. Weigh all your particular needs against what the school has to offer and decide if it is the right one for you.

Is the application process difficult?

Some students have more difficulty with the application process than others. In general, the application process can be lengthy but usually pretty straight forward. Students may have difficulty with this process due to stress, the inability to compose a good personal statement or simply not knowing what the proper requirements are. This website can help you with your application process and has been specifically created to do just that.